Keep Austin Fed



Keep Austin Fed is a volunteer based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that gathers surplus food from restaurants, grocery stores, etc. keeping it out of the waste stream and delivering it to area charities serving people in need.

Below are the steps for how to become a volunteer (to be completed in any order):

1. Request to join Keep Austin Fed IMPORTANT: Look for the "Join" button underneath Keep Austin Fed's name. Click on this to complete your request to join Keep Austin Fed. You will also be asked to upload a copy of your drivers license and vehicle insurance (this is part of our liability insurance requirements).
2. Register for an Orientation - You can find them listed on the calendar below (located on the main Keep Austin Fed GivePulse page).
3. Read the KAF Volunteer Handbook

Once you have completed the steps above, you will be approved to the group and sent a link to Food Rescue US. This is our food scheduling platform and where you will see our calendar of open food runs and be able to register. You'll also receive a link to tutorial videos on how to use the platform.

You are also welcome to complete a Food Handler's Certificate that covers more food safety best practices. This is not a requirement to become a volunteer. You can obtain this certification at or any of these other state approved websites . It generally costs $10-15 depending on the site, is good for 2 years, and takes 1-2 hours to complete.

If you have a question please email Keep Austin Fed is entirely volunteer run, which means it often takes us time to respond to requests because we all juggle jobs, family life, and volunteer work. Thanks so much for your interest in helping Keep Austin Fed!

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